About Our Online Cafe

The idea of white Deer:

Both owners decided to present different international beans and focus on champion roasters to full fill customer tastes and varsities.
A quiet place to read, study and enjoy coffee. However, coffee can’t be enough without desserts and ice cream.


In the coffee shop, different books will be provided for free as we encourage reading and education. Books are available in both language Arabic and English with different categories. Our books are monitored by the Owner to suit all ages in the UAE.


Our beans are freshly roasted from verity roasters around the world. However, in 2020, we started to sell White Deer beans to the customers.
White deer started selling 2 types of beans: (Ethiopia and Brazil).


White deer café serves different types of sweets: Molten chocolate and Molten Pistachio, Deer chocolate and Deer pistachio, Crepe, Ice cream
Deer chocolate and pistachio:
Deer is basically sponge cake topped with chocolate or pistachio ice cream with hot sauce of both sauces.

Go healthy:

Acai becomes very popular these days in UAE and served with different types of fruits and toppings.

Logo Story:

White Deer is one of the rarest animals, they are approximately 300 deers around the world.

The idea comes from the history of Abu Dhabi city as it has different types of deers. so we decided to study White Deer which is also called ” Aryam ” in our culture.

We Support rare animals and that’s why we came up with the White Deer name to show our history and encourage people to protect and stop hunting them.

White Deer also is a sample of peace, Love & beauty